In the Vologda region of Russia, wolves kill dogs in hundreds

Over one hundred dogs were withered by wolves in the Vytegorsk district. However, the problem of managing wolves exists not only in the Vytegorsk district.

Wolves rule the Andomsky rural settlement of Vytegorsky district. They are increasingly attacking dogs. People can not yet win this battle. This was told by Nadezhda Anisimova, correspondent of the newspaper “Krasnoe Znamya”.

The inhabitant of Andoma, Nikolai Kalabanov, said that in the villages of Knyazevo, Troshigino, Marino, Mikhalevo and other wolves, about a hundred dogs were bitten. Local residents are already afraid to release their pets in the yard. First of all, wolves attack at night. Most often on dogs that are on a chain.

A resident with. Andomsky Pogost Natalia Kuznetsova told that on their dog wolves were attacked at seven in the evening. “In the village there are no dogs left at all, only those that the owners have closed in the barns, wood-burning houses and other buildings have survived,” the woman noted.

At the same time, according to Roman Mazurz, the head of the Department for the Protection and Regulation of the Use of Wildlife Objects of the Obloch Department, there have been no attacks on people in our region for a long time. But the director of Andomskaya secondary school, Elena Simakina, still cares for her pupils.

“This year, wolves attack dogs again. The management of the school this problem was repeatedly voiced in the administration of the settlement. The fact is that some children go to school on foot, for example, from the village of Berezino, since there is no possibility to drive them on the school bus, “Simakina said.

Experts believe that the main reason for the appearance of wolves near populated areas is the presence of unauthorized landfills and domestic animals, in which predators see easy prey.

However, the problem of managing wolves exists not only in the Vytegorsk district. On the video: wolves are walking around the city of Krasavino, Veliky Ustyug district.

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