In Transbaikalia there is a severe drought

A state of emergency over drought introduced in two districts of Zabaikalsky Krai — krasnokamenskom and Akshinskoe, said the press-Secretary of the Ministry of agriculture and food of the region Svetlana Zarubina.

Previously, the state of emergency declared in Aleksandrovo-Factory, Krasnochikoyskoe, Petrovsk-Zabaykalsky Liski, Dul’durginskaya, Mogoytuysky, Aginskoye, Kyrinskiy, Kalkaska, Borzinsky districts.

“At the moment we are preparing documents for Priargunsky district. Because of the drought, plants and annual grasses, and crops, and grass on the ground of natural meadows lose their vegetative mass and develop more slowly. Of course, the damage will be and we get less yield than I could. But to talk now about the repetition of the situation last year at the crop we don’t,” said Zarubina.

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