In Turkmenistan, several mud flows

Suffered areas of the Akhal and Balkan regions of Turkmenistan. Eyewitnesses report dozens of dead.

The natural disaster occurred, in particular, in the region of Baharly of the Akhal region, as well as in the regions of Magtymguly and Serdar in the Balkan region. As a result of the mudflow, the inhabitants of the villages of Nokhur, Garavul, Dovgala, Akdepe, Khankariz, Konecesir, Kurudjdey, Aydere, Khojagala, Chukur, Jejirs and Jenneshen (Jangelli) were badly affected.

As a result of the descent of the village, about 30 people died. Also reported is the death of thousands of livestock heads, failure of power transmission lines and gas supply.

This video was shot in the village of Dovgala, located 70 kilometers from the capital of Turkmenistan, Ashgabat. On the shots you can see the moment of a natural disaster, as the mudflows of mud and stones fill the streets, sweeping away transport and animals on their way.

According to local residents, after the descent of the mudflows, soldiers of the emergency service and employees of local state institutions were sent to regions affected by the disaster.

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