In two districts of Primorsky Krai, Russia declared a state of emergency

Today, September 6, started and Oktyabrsky districts imposed a state of emergency. In total by the heavy rains brought by Typhoon Lionrock, injured 18 territories of the region 34. The water continues to test the nerves of residents of Primorye – in the case of lifting water up to 6 meters will be podtopleny the city Lesozavodsk.

For the past day in the upper reaches of the Ussuri river near the village of Upper Breevy Chuguevsky district decline of water levels at 62 cm per day, near the village of Koksharovka 80 cm in Addition, the marked decline of water levels in the upper reaches of the Razdolnaya river near the city of Ussuriysk 11 cm and in the lower reaches near the village of Novoheorhiivka to 91 cm

However, the rise of water level in the upper and middle reaches of the river Bolshaya Ussurka (the Mill and the village Roshchino of Krasnoarmeisky district). Also protected by the high water content category of dangerous hydrological phenomena in the middle reaches of the Ussuri river near the town of Lesozavodsk. As of 17.00 the water overflowed the banks in some areas of the city and has already started flooding. Flooded village Tikhmenevo. It is also reported about the dam in the village Field, there is thrown, the emergency force from Tikhmenevo. The water level in the river is 5.5 metres, it is expected to increase up to 6 meters.

As of 10: 00 (NBC) 6 Sep from water freed 656 residential houses remain flooded 3021 residential house in 10 municipalities (Kavalerovsky, Lazovsky, Olginsky, terneyskiy, Khasan, Chuguevsky, Krasnoarmeisky and Guerrilla areas and Dalnegorsk and Ussuriisk city district). In addition, 6006 flooded farmlands. In the region introduced a state of emergency at the Federal level.

For the past day the power supply is restored in 23 settlements remain without electricity 29. In addition, restored communication with 6 settlements, missing with 28 towns and villages in 5 municipalities (Dalnegorsk city district, Kavalerovsky, Lazovsky, Olginsky and Terneisky areas).

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