In Ulan-Ude have seen the emergence of a tornado

In the neighborhood East the eyewitness took video of a real tornado. Dusty (sandy) vortex is the atmospheric phenomenon of vortex motion of the air occur at the earth’s surface in cloudy day (usually hot) weather, when strong heating of the earth’s surface sunlight.

Ulan-Ude — a city in Russia, capital of the Republic of Buryatia

Then when the cold air sharply bumping on the ground, and rises in the form of warm air. The vortex has a vertical (or slightly inclined to the horizontal) axis of rotation, the height of the vortex is usually 10-20 m (in some cases several tens of meters), diameter of 1-5 m, the time existence – from several seconds to 1-2 minutes. The vortex lifts from the surface of the earth dust, sand, pebbles, small objects and transfers them sometimes at a considerable distance (hundreds of meters). Vortices are narrow band, so directly on the weather station wind may be weak, but actually inside the vortex the wind speed is 8-10 m/s and more. Horizontal visibility at 2 m is 10 km or more.

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