Increased the number of storms in the Black sea

Scientists from the Institute of Oceanology of RAS named after Shirshov analyzed data about storms in the Black sea over the last 37 years and concluded that storms are becoming more.

The research team led by the head of the laboratory of lithodynamic and Geology of the southern branch of Institute of Oceanology of Ruben Kosana published in the journal Oceanology, reported the press service of the Russian science Foundation (RNF).

Scientists analyzed data array for field parameters of wind waves in the Black and Azov seas from 1979 to the present. The results of mathematical modeling showed that over the past 25 years average wave activity of the Black sea increased by 10-15%. This indicator increased due to moderate storms. The calculations were confirmed by direct measurements in the area of Gelendzhik.

The researchers also proved that the wave height in the Black sea may be much higher than thought before – not to 15, and 20 meters during some strong storms.

The study added to the RSF helps to study the relationship between storms, human activities, and destruction of the shoreline of the Black sea. The work of scientists from the Institute of Oceanology, RAS stopped some potentially hazardous projects on the black sea coast.

Our research has helped to prevent some projects that could disturb the ecosystem of the Black sea beaches. Among them, the extraction of sand from underwater slope and the destruction of the dunes by purpose recreational building, – quoting the press service of the head of the RSF research team Kosana.

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