Indonesia – Floods in Sulawesi affected more than 60,000 people

Heavy rains over the past few days have affected more than 60,000 people in 4 counties of South Sulawesi, Indonesia, from widespread flooding.

The Indonesian emergency agency Badan Nasional Penanggulangan Bencana (BNPB) reported floods and landslides in North Luwu, Wajo, Soppenga and Bona in South Sulawesi since August 28, 2021. Floodwaters were as deep as 2 meters in some areas.

As of August 30, a total of 14,175 families or 62,860 people were affected. In addition, 12,763 homes were damaged, as well as bridges, roads, schools, health centers and other public buildings.

BNPB also reported flooding in the Siga regency of Central Sulawesi province after heavy rains on August 29, 2021, caused the Rogo River to overflow in the South Dolo region. About 80 homes were damaged, as well as two bridges. There were no reports of casualties or injuries.

The Indonesian Meteorological Agency BMKG reported that Masamba in North Luwu regency received 107 mm of rainfall in the 24 hours to August 28, and Majena in West Sulawesi received 150 mm of rainfall.

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