Indonesia was covered by forest fires

The Indonesian government has arrested 450 more suspects in connection with land and forest fires this year. Because of annual fires on peatlands in Sumatra and Borneo and nearby Singapore and Malaysia suffer from smog.

Thus, the daily index of air pollution (PSI) Singapre reaches the average level 46-58 units, however, its time value exceeds the level of 100 units.

In the fires, tend to blame the traditional planters and farmers who illegally sets fire to the grass, using this cheap way to clear land. Currently, the most difficult situation is in the provinces of Jambi, West Kalimantan, Riau and South Sumatra, which was sent about 22 thousand firefighters, rescue workers, and 11 special aircraft to extinguish the fire. It is expected that the main peak of the fires “will be in September, when dry and windy weather.

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