Iran accused Israel of using climate weapons

The head of Iran’s civil defense service, General Gholam Reza Halali, accused Israeli representatives of the theft of rain clouds. The military said at a press conference that climate change in his country “looks suspicious.” Halalie blamed the incident on the neighboring state.

According to Halali, Israel with the help of “another country” tried to prevent the arrival of clouds in Iranian airspace. This statement was made by the military with reference to scientists.

The general added that on the mountain peaks between Afghanistan and the Mediterranean basin, snow lies everywhere except Iran.

“We have stolen clouds and snow,” said General Halali.

However, the head of the Iranian meteorological service Ahad Vazif does not agree with the representative of the authorities.

“According to science, it’s impossible to steal clouds and snow,” said Wazif, adding that no country in the world is insured against drought.

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