It’s so cold in Mongolia now that more than 55,000 cattle are frozen to death

Mongolia is currently suffering from extreme winter weather. These so-called Dzuds killed more than 55,700 cattle in 3 months.

“Dzud” is a Mongolian term that describes a cold winter after a dry summer that kills an incredible amount of cattle by starvation or freezing to death.

The Department of Agriculture explained in a statement that: a total of 55,764 animals have died in 11 Sumy (a type of administrative district in Mongolia) in our province since the end of last year due to severe winter weather. Heavy snowfall has hit the province 16 times since early November.

To cope with an unprecedented situation, authorities distribute grass and feed to local pastoralists for free.

Meanwhile, 60% of the country’s territory is buried in the snow and more than 80 soums in 15 provinces experience dzud or conditions close to it.

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