Japan is moving typhoon “Simaron”

In Japan, 150 domestic flights were canceled. This is due to the approach of a powerful typhoon “Simaron”. Most of the changes in the schedule have touched the routes that connect the island of Shikoku, as well as the western regions of the island of Honshu with other parts of the country.

In addition, the movement of ferries has been suspended on Shikoku. Local residents are also warned about the need to prepare for possible evacuation in the event of floods and landslides.

The tropical storm “Simaron” will approach the island of Shikoku on Thursday evening. According to the meteorological office of Japan, the wind speed at the epicenter of the typhoon is 45 m / s. It is predicted that during the day, in the west of Japan, 600 to 800 millimeters of precipitation may fall out, and in some areas up to a thousand.

Several typhoons have already hit Japan in the past two months. In early July, the tropical storm “Prapirun” claimed the lives of 220 people.

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