Kazakhstan hit by hurricane-force wind

In Taraz felled dozens of trees, destroyed a University building and ripped off the roofs of several dozen houses. As residents of the city, severely affected animals: the dogs were lifted in the air and carried through the streets.

In Zhambyl region of Kazakhstan is under reconstruction after a heavy storm. The disaster affected localities Baizak, Zhambyl, Zhambyl and Shu districts and the city of Taraz.

As a result of elements disconnected from the power supply remained about 15 thousand subscribers in Taraz and 43 thousand subscribers in 34 rural settlements.

In the area of the damaged roof 67 education, 7 — healthcare 8 — culture, 1 — sports, 2 — the social rehabilitation institutions. Appealed for medical aid to 35 people, three of them hospitalized.

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