Kilauea volcano spills precious stones

On the inhabitants of Hawaii sprinkled grains of translucent mineral olivine, which in its pure form is rarely found in nature.

The eruption of the Kilauea volcano has generated many unusual phenomena – for example, a blue flame escaping from the ground. Now the inhabitants of the island report a fall from the sky of green crystals.

These crystals are olivines – magnesian-ferruginous silicates. They are so common on the planet that, according to experts, make up 50 percent of the Earth’s upper mantle. During the eruption, magma washes away part of the oceanic crust, similar in composition to the mantle, so dark magmatic rocks often acquire a green tinge. However, in its pure form olivine, which jewelers are usually called peridot, is difficult to find. Even less often he falls from the sky.

Typically, the olivine comes to the surface together with the slowly trickling lava, and therefore remains locked in the rocks. In this case, the lava erupted so sharply and powerfully that its particles were cooled in the air, allowing the olivine to rapidly crystallize separately.

“My friends live in Hawaii, near the area where lava has recently erupted. In the midst of the ruin and fear of the unknown, they discovered this: small pieces of olivine lay everywhere. Literally it’s a rain of crystals. Nature is amazing, “says Eric Jordan.

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