Kyrgyzstan continued to hit a series of earthquakes

European-Mediterranean seismological centre (EMSC) reports a continuing series of aftershocks on the border of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, on Monday I was six aftershocks with magnitude up to 4.7.

According to the EMSC website, Monday in the area of the zaalaysky ridge earthquake was registered at 03:16 local time (00:16 GMT), 04:12 and 05:37 08:32 08:55, and 11:08.

According to the Institute of seismology of the national Academy of Sciences of Kyrgyzstan, the strength of the quake at 11:08 made up 5 points on 12-point MSK-64 scale in the epicenter (magnitude 4.7). Tremors were felt in the Chon-Alai district of Osh region of the country. According to preliminary data of the Ministry of emergency situations of Kyrgyzstan, the victims and destructions.

Yesterday in the same area occurred five earthquakes, the strongest of which reached 6-7 points on 12-point MSK-64 scale.

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