Lava flows destroy Hawaii

600 houses were destroyed in five weeks as a result of lava after the eruption of the volcano on the Hawaiian Big Island.

The tourist zone on the Big Island (the same island of Hawaii) is completely destroyed. According to the TV channel, the state authorities allocated 12 million dollars to help the island.

Earlier it was reported that the residents of the island, whose houses were destroyed, will be able to return and do restoration of their dwellings only after the volcano cools down, which may not happen soon. Data on when lava flows can slow down their movement, yet. However, not all residents were frightened by the natural elements. So, in social networks, photos with people playing golf, against the background of lava erupting and ash of the volcano became popular.

The Hawaiian authorities previously announced the evacuation of the population after the eruption of the Kilauea volcano. The media reported that about 10 thousand people were affected by the evacuation order. US President Donald Trump announced the island state in the Pacific Ocean as a disaster zone due to the eruption.
Kilauea is one of the most active active volcanoes on Earth. Also, Kilauea is considered in traditional beliefs the habitat of Pele – the Hawaiian goddess of volcanoes.

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