Lightning killed 107 people in India in just one day

83 people died in Bihar after a lightning strike, and another 24 died in Uttar Pradesh.

107 people died from lightning strikes in North and East India, officials said in the early stages of the annual monsoon season.

About 83 people were killed in the impoverished eastern state of Bihar after lightning strikes, and another 24 died in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh on Thursday. Dozens more were injured, officials said.

Emergency Situations Minister Bihara Lakshmeshvar Rai said it was one of the highest lightning strikes a day ever recorded in recent years.

More than half of those killed were from flood-prone northern and eastern Bihar, he added.

Rai warned that the death toll could increase even more, as the government is still awaiting reports of casualties from the interior of the state.

According to India’s local meteorological office, heavy rain is expected in Bihar on Friday and Saturday.

In the neighboring state of Uttar Pradesh, most of the dead were recorded in the Deoria region, located near the border with Nepal, and in the holy city of Prayagraj, authorities said.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted his condolences to the families of the victims on Thursday night, adding that both state governments are urgently working to help.

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