Lightning killed 14 cattle and injured six people in Odisha, India

Fourteen cattle were killed and six people were injured after lightning struck at Talsur village in Lanjigarh district of Kalahandi district.

According to sources, a shepherd, Budu Maji, was herding cattle in a nearby forest yesterday. He was accompanied by three minor boys and two minor girls who were also herding their cattle.

In the afternoon it began to rain and they all took shelter under a tree. Suddenly lightning struck, killing 14 cattle on the spot.

Shepherd Budu Maji and five others, Parmeshwar Maji (14), Damodar Maji (10), Sanju Maji (9), Gautam Maji (7) and Niranti Maji (12), were also struck by lightning.

They were all taken by local residents by ambulance to the Biswanathpur Community Health Center (BCHC). Five of them were discharged after preliminary treatment, Parmeshwar is still under treatment.

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