Lightning killed 5 football players in Zambia, three injured

Some really strange weather events “attack” Zambia. After the plane was severely damaged by hail and 49 cattle were fatally hit by lightning, another electrical discharge killed 5 football players and injured 3 more in the Chienge area of ​​Luapula province.

5 people belonging to the local football team were killed, and three of their colleagues survived after a lightning strike.

Victims were identified as Jackson Kabwe (20), Seleman Kapembva (19), Joe Chance (19), Mpundu Nasri (16) and Joe Katai (17).

The police department noted:

“The investigation shows that the victims belonged to a local football team known as the Chilondo Football Club (aka Barcelona) and were hired to cultivate a plot of land in the village of Chicalipa. Their efforts were disturbed by heavy rain. In search of shelter under the mango tree, lightning struck and instantly killed 5 people. “

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