Lightning kills 5 children in Liberia

Residents of Sanniquellie, Nimba County, are mourning the sudden death of five children, ages 5 to 9, who were killed by lightning while playing in front of their home. Three other children who survived the incident are hospitalized in critical condition.

Medical personnel at G.W. Harley Hospital in Sunnyvale over the weekend confirmed the deaths of five children in a lightning strike in a town called Downorpa.

The corpses were released to relatives and subsequently buried in a mass grave.

The dead, all from the same family, were the children of a Sunnyquely resident named Lawrence Tokpah.

The children were playing in the yard when they met their deaths right in front of the house.

Between January and now, about 12 people have died from lightning strikes in various parts of Nimba County.

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