Lightning kills two girls in Nigeria

There was confusion in the Orissa Elegene community in Ikiruna, Osun state, on Sunday after two girls were killed by lightning. The incident reportedly occurred during a light rainstorm.

Hassan Okanlawon, chairman of the local government of Ifelodun district, Ikirun, who confirmed the incident, said the girls were found dead in the school playground after being struck by lightning.

Okanlawon said the victims lived with their grandmother in the area.

The LG chief added that when he arrived on the scene, he was told that the two girls had been asked to buy ingredients to make dinner.

He said: “They were struck by lightning on the way and they both died on the spot. They lived with their grandmother. One was from Delta State and the other was from Ondo State.

“They told me we couldn’t take their bodies right away. They said the Sango devotees had to do some rituals.

“I was told that several Sango worshippers from Ede were on their way to the scene.”

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