“Like a horror movie:” Forest fires in Greece continue to force thousands of people to evacuate

The fires in Greece resemble a horror movie, said one resident who was evacuated from the Greek island of Evia by ferry.

Thousands of people have fled their homes on the island of Evia as wildfires burn uncontrollably for a sixth day, and ferries are on standby for further evacuations after many were taken to safety by sea.

The fires that have threatened Athens’ northern suburbs in recent days have subsided. But the fire on Evia, a large island northeast of the capital, quickly grew into several fronts, destroying thousands of hectares of virgin forest in the northern part of the island and forcing the evacuation of dozens of villages.

“It looks like a horror movie … but it’s not a movie, it’s real life,” a Mina resident said after boarding a rescue ferry in the island resort area of Pefki. “We’re scared, we feel lost, we feel abandoned, we feel alone,” she added.

Forest fires broke out in many parts of the country during the week-long heat wave — the worst in Greece in three decades — due to scorching temperatures and hot winds creating conditions for the fires.

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