Magnitude 6.6 earthquake strikes off Indonesia’s Java island

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) has said that a 6.6-magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Indonesia’s Java island on Friday, causing buildings in Jakarta to shake.

At 0905 GMT, the quake struck to the island’s southwest at a depth of 37 kilometres (23 miles).

The tremor was felt in the capital and rattled buildings. No tsunami warning was issued, and there were no early reports of injuries or damage.

Following the quake, some Jakarta residents were evacuated from their homes, and hundreds waited outside.

People in the Kalibata City apartment complex, in the capital’s south, evacuated their homes as the earthquake struck, according to Nur Latifa, a 25-year-old resident.

“I was working from home and noticed my laptop was moving… then the door started to rattle and hanging objects started to make a noise,” Latifa said.

“I fetched my roommate, who was in the bathroom, and we fled the apartment. Outside, people were rushing towards the emergency stairs. ”

Due to its location on the Pacific “Ring of Fire,” an arc of severe seismic activity where tectonic plates meet that runs from Japan to Southeast Asia and throughout the Pacific basin, Indonesia experiences numerous quakes.

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