Magnitude 7.1 earthquake southeast of Perryville, Alaska

Initial reports said a magnitude 7.1 earthquake struck Alaska today, but the quake’s power was later reduced to 6.9, but it’s still a significant quake and it’s worth noting that it’s not the first of its magnitude in the past few days.

No tsunami warnings have been issued despite the quake’s strength. The closest place to the epicenter was Perryville, where just over 100 people lived, 135 kilometers to the northwest. Much of the land around that part of the Gulf of Alaska where the quake struck just before 4 a.m. is home to wildlife refuges.

Alaska is a hotbed of seismic activity. The Alaska Earthquake Center, based at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, detects earthquakes an average of every 15 minutes, according to its Web site. The center also reports that 75 percent of all U.S. earthquakes with a magnitude greater than 5 occur in Alaska.

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