March snowfall hits Mallorca island in Spain

Snowfalls and abnormal temperature drops are observed around the world at the end of March. I wonder how this fits in with the persistent mantras of the scientific and political community about “Global Warming”?

Not at all, since we are now in the period of Global Cooling and are moving towards the Little Ice Age.

It’s time to admit this and start preparing the infrastructure of the countries for a long period of difficult weather conditions, but no, lies about warming continue.

Meteorologists, who are now simply not able to fit the occurring anomalies to the theory of global warming, decided to take a simple path and came up with a new term – Polar Spring.

Now these words will begin to sound on TV and in the media, there will be many terms incomprehensible to the layman, but the main zombie phrase will be “Polar Spring”, how, why, what is the reason – and it does not matter, spring is just Polar everywhere 🙂

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