Martian sky over San Francisco in the USA

If there was a fishing dock on Mars, it would look like this. Mila Zinkova took a picture from the pier on September 9.

“The atmosphere was dark and apocalyptic,” says Zinkova. “The sky was orange and it was so dark that the street lights were on in the middle of the day. It seemed as if all of San Francisco had moved to Mars. ”

The sky was colored red with smoke from historic wildfires that spiraled out of control in California and Oregon.

So much daylight has been blocked out that some call it “the day the sun did not rise in San Francisco.”

To illustrate how dark it is, Zinkova filmed a 6-minute video that ends with a postman delivering mail using a headlight to read addresses.

“I woke up this morning and saw a Mars-like orange sky that lasted throughout the day,” Boyd says. “Strong smoke combined with a dense layer of fog combined with each other to form a faceless orange color that envelops the city by the bay.”

The sea air holds back the smoke, keeping it high above the ground. Tiny smoke particles scatter blue light before it reaches city streets, allowing only red to pass through.

Result: Mars on Earth.

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