Mass mortality of herring occurred off the coast of Sakhalin

Forsaken fish flooded the coast of the Piltun Bay. This was told on his Facebook page by the head of Sakhalin’s Ekokakhty Dmitry Lisitsyn.

“Piltun Bay, northeastern Sakhalin: The place where the world’s largest oil companies produce tens of millions of tons of oil each year, compared to several hundred tons of lost Pacific herring at once, we are trying to at least assess the scale of this disaster – today is the whole day traveled the coast of the bay and calculated the concentration of dead fish per unit length of the coast (orthography preserved – ed. editsii) – wrote a post in Facebook Dmitry Lisitsyn.

According to the head of the Sakhalin Ekovahty, no serious inspections are currently under way. He said that the Ohina fish protection had only once traveled to the scene and simply recorded the presence of the dead fish.

– That’s why we went to the media. We hope that at least with the help of publicity we will be able to encourage state bodies to take action. Already so many days have passed, but all do not care. We have different conjectures about the cause of the death of fish. For example, on the shores of the Gulf there are a number of oil fields, because of which leakages often occur. In addition, the fish passed by two oil platforms. It is impossible to exclude and natural zamor, associated with the oxygen content in the water. However, the latter reason is unlikely. In a word, there are many versions, but the main thing is not why the fish died. The main thing is that no one tries to find the cause, no one took samples of fish, water, algae, soil, no one tried to conduct analysis, research. Perhaps, in general, the entire herring population died, – said Dmitry Lisitsyn.

The group “Ekovahti” completely passed the section of the western shore of the Piltun Bay from a point 3 km to the south from the mouth of the Kadalanyi River to the point in the area of ​​the lake. Krivun (several km south of Cape Torrokh). The Torrokh Gulf and the lower reaches of the Szabo River, 1.5 km from the mouth, were also surveyed.

On this segment of the coast with a total length of 30 km, counted the dead herring in 28 points, each 10 meters long and wide, including the mass of the fish. The largest concentration of dead fish is observed at two points – on the shore from the mouth of the Khalchikov River to the mouth of an unnamed stream flowing from Lake Krivun (4609 pieces per 10 meters of the coast) and 2 km to the south from the mouth of the Sabo River (5990 pieces per 10 meters coast). In the vicinity of the mouth of the Khalchikov River, a dense cluster of dead fish was found on an area of ​​440 m2 and a thickness of about 30 cm, which is approximately 93 tons. Inside the Bay Torroch concentration of fish is low. The left windward bank of the Szabo River is also covered with dead herring on the average 175 pieces per 100 meters of the coastal strip, but there are also separate clusters from 1000 to 2000 pieces. Above 1.5 km from the mouth of the Sabo River, there is no dead fish.

The total volume of dead herrings has yet to be assessed, but it is already clear that it is very significant.

“Ekovahta” notes that the dead fish of only one species – Pacific herring, of different sizes – from 5 cm to large specimens. Prevalent middle and large fish with gonads of a high degree of maturity, that is, unreturned. In the whole mass of dead fish, only single specimens of other fish species have been found: 1 kunja, 1 flounder and 1 bull-calf.

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