Mayon volcano erupts in the Philippines: Evacuation begins

In the Philippines, the Mayon volcano, which is located in the southeast of the main island of Luzon, began to erupt. Specialists recorded 199 rockfalls and six pyroclastic flows in the last 24 hours. The eruption is rated as a level 3 hazard. Authorities have begun evacuating the population, transporting them to safer locations. It is planned to evacuate up to 16 thousand people.

The eruption of the volcano Mayon caused a serious danger to local residents. However, this volcano is known for its activity, and its last eruption was in 2018.

Mayon is one of the most active volcanoes in the Philippines. It was named after Mount Mayon on the island of Java in Indonesia. The volcano is about 2.5 km high and is located near the city of Legazpi and is a popular tourist attraction.

According to statistics, since 1616 Mayon has erupted more than 40 times. The most devastating eruption occurred in 1814, when over 1200 people were killed.

Today, experts continue to monitor the situation on the ground and calculate the possible consequences of the Mayon volcano eruption.

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