Melting Arctic ice opens the radioactive legacy of the cold war

During the cold war, the Americans built several military bases in the Arctic. Melting ice exposes now a dangerous legacy left behind by the military.

The American project in the Arctic called an Ice worm was directed against the Russian – in the 1960-ies, the U.S. military built in the Greenland ice large-scale system of tunnels to hide a military base there, Camp Century. Under the project, 600 missiles with nuclear warheads are covered under the 8-meter layer of snow and ice, was to restrain the Soviet Union. As close as in the Arctic, the superpowers have not selected each other anywhere else.

Soon, however, scientists have found that ice mass moving faster than anticipated, and the tunnel threatens to collapse. And technical progress has not stood still: the rockets got the ability to fly longer distances. The need to Camp Century was gone, and the Americans in 1967 he left his Arctic base in the hope that the eternal ice close left them forever.

As he writes in his study of the canadian scientist William Colgan, not later than 2090 year melting ice in the Arctic will no longer be covered by fresh snow. As a result of global warming temperatures in the Arctic rising faster than elsewhere on the planet.

According to Kalhana, leaving from the base whose area is equal to 80 football fields, the Americans just closed the door, taking is that a mini-nuclear power. After they left Kladusa the reactor liquid with low radioactivity to about 200 thousand liters of diesel fuel in a partially destroyed tankers and a large number of poisonous toxins PCB. These PCBs can cause cancer, can accumulate in fish.

According to Kalhana, toxic waste left after the departure of the U.S. military, can get into the local ecosystem and to be in other countries through the oceans.

The government of Greenland concerned about the findings of canadian scientist. It is unclear who is obliged to implement costly disposal of hazardous heritage, the USA or Denmark, a colony where Greenland once was. The Danish foreign Ministry took several months to find out all the related legal issues.

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