Melting glaciers can provoke volcanic activity

The less glaciers on Earth, the greater the magmatic activity of the Earth. This dependence was brought out by a graduate student at the French University of Auvergne.

Joachino Roberti studied how the pressure of huge ice masses affects the earth’s crust and mantle. The young scientist claims that reducing this pressure will open the way for the movement of the magma to the surface. This will greatly increase the volcanic activity.

“The ice that melts on the mountain tops and slides down, removes ice from the slopes, and also provokes landslides,” explains Robert. “This allows the magma to rise to the surface.”

To confirm his theoretical calculations, Robert observes Mount Midge in Canada, an extinct volcano that erupted more than 2,000 years ago. In 2010, on its slope, the largest landslide in Canada took place. Roberty is sure that this is a direct consequence of the melting of ice on top.

Roberty notes signs of future landslides and destruction of the slopes, and watches the melting of ice in several directions. With his preliminary conclusions, many eminent experts agree. It is possible that in addition to flooding the coasts of the world ocean, mankind will face much less predictable consequences of global warming.

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