Mexican volcano Popocatepetl throws a pillar of ashes

Volcano Popocatepetl, in the vicinity of which about 20 million Mexicans live, again threw a cloud of steam with ash to a height of about two kilometers.

Volcanologists say that the current activity of Popocatepetl is not related to the recent powerful earthquake, according to the latest official data, 305 people were the victims. Now experts continue to monitor.

It should be noted that Popocatepetl is regularly active. During the whole summer and early autumn, the so-called volcanic exhalations – gas and vapor emissions – were recorded. September 19, after a devastating earthquake, there was another eruption – eyewitnesses speak of an explosive flash at the top, after which smoke poured from the vole of the volcano. After that, Mexico declared a red danger level.

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