More than 100 karst sinkholes have formed in the center of Croatia

In the center of Croatia, an unusual natural disaster has recently been observed. Craters began to appear in the ground in the area of ​​several villages. In some cases, they swallowed entire homes.

Scientists say the phenomenon was triggered by two earthquakes of magnitude 5.2 and 6.3 at the end of December. After them, about a hundred failures were formed in two months.

[Radoyka Vidovich, a resident of the village of Boroevitsi]:
“It happened after the earthquake. It rained for a long time, and it got even worse. Just water, water, water – everywhere. ”

The epicenter of the tremors lay in the area of ​​the city of Petrinya. The earthquakes killed seven people. Scientists continue to record aftershocks. New funnels filled with water are also formed.

This is the largest one to date. Diameter 30 meters.

[Josip Terzhyts, geologist]:
“We have already done some geophysical, seismic and electrical measurements. Electromagnetic methods may also be applicable. In addition, after a week, we will start scanning a section of the largest funnel to map its structure underwater. As far as I know, it is about 12-15 meters deep. ”

Although these sinkholes are often found in limestone-rich soil, they usually take decades or even centuries to form. Such a quick speed of their appearance has puzzled scientists.

[Nenand Tomasewitz, local]:
“The 6.2 magnitude earthquake was rather unpleasant, to put it mildly. And after that, these pits began to appear. Experts say that these craters would have appeared over time, but the earthquake was a kind of push that accelerated the process. And then we saw smaller craters in the ground. “

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