More than 3 thousand people fled their homes in western Canada due to wildfires

Over 3,000 people have been evacuated to the western Canadian province of British Columbia due to ongoing wildfires. This was announced on Tuesday by the CBC TV channel.

According to him, another 16 thousand households may receive an order to evacuate in the near future. On Tuesday, regional authorities imposed a state of emergency in the province amid wildfires.

There are currently about 300 wildfires in British Columbia. 3.1 thousand people are involved in the elimination of the fire, including firefighters from the provinces of Alberta, Quebec and New Brunswick, as well as Canadian military personnel. Over the weekend, 500 more firefighters are to arrive in the region from different parts of Canada, as well as 100 firefighters from Mexico. 178 helicopters and airplanes were involved in extinguishing the fire.

Strong winds and hot weather contribute to the spread of fire. No casualties were reported.

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