More than one month rainfall in 6 hours in New Caledonia

Heavy rains from April 19 to 20, 2020 caused dangerous flash floods and landslides in New Caledonia. In the northern province, the Hiengen commune recorded nearly 200 mm of rain in just six hours — more than the national average for the month of April.

The days of heavy rains caused flash floods that flooded bridges and roads in some parts of the country. Flood waters blocked roads, leaving affected communities isolated. Several landslides have also been reported.

Authorities announced a “dangerous meteorological event” on Monday, April 20, for several communes, including Hiengen, Poyndimi, Huayla, the canal and Thio.

In Paite, two people went missing after being washed away by a flood, but were eventually found alive. Meanwhile, in Pumbut, three people were successfully rescued from the raging waters.

In Hienghhen almost 200 mm of rain fell in just six hours, exceeding the average rainfall in the country in April, which is 130 mm.

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