Mudslides came down in Dagestan

The mudflow in the village of Nizhniy Dzhengutay Buynaksk district 4 of the demolished bridge.

As a result of heavy rains in the village of Arkasa, the Buinaksk district of Dagestan’s population were left without electricity, mud flows destroyed farm buildings, reported the press service of EMERCOM of Russia in the region.

“Information on incident arrived in a call center shift MOE in Dagestan at 19:45. As a result of complex adverse events remained without electricity for the village of Arkasa Buynaksk district. In addition, heavy rains caused mudflows. Previously destroyed farm buildings,” – said the representative office.

Forces Bujnaksky regional power grids are working to restore power. The staff. has suspended gas supply to prevent leakage. To eliminate the consequences involved 23 people and 7 pieces of equipment.

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