NASA changes data from cooling to warming in Ireland and Greece

Fudging data to advance the Global Warming agenda is not science, it’s politics. Today we take a look at NASA’s temperature data for Ireland and compare the GHCN version unadjusted to the GHCN version 4 charts, adjusted and with the “global warming” theory in mind.


The following are the graphs of the two stations: V4 without corrections and V4 with “warming” correction


Two graphs of the GHCN V4 data without adjusting the mean annual temperature of the respective stations clearly show a cooling trend.

But then NASA changed the data for the two Greek stations and called the two new data sets “V4 adjusted-homogenized.

Again, the adjustments resulted in warming. Each time the changes lead to warming.

Falsification of the “anthropogenic climate crisis.”

Why is this being done? Imposing the theory of “humanity’s anthropogenic impact on the climate” on the world? The actual forcing of all countries in the world to refuse to use coal, oil, gas, etc., etc.

It seems to be all about creating a state of emergency to circumvent the rules of law that protect the rights of citizens.

A state of emergency allows any government to circumvent the law. We have all seen, felt and continue to feel this very well in the “pandemic”, when all the fundamental laws that protect and defend the rights of citizens were simply ignored.

The climate “pandemic” is simply the next step in depriving people of their legal rights.

If you want to get around the law, just create a state of emergency. In the case of a climate emergency, this is easily done by simply rewriting the data.

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