NASA has published pictures of the ice largest landslide in history

NASA has published pictures from space, which shows the state of the glacier before and after landslide occurred in China in 2016. This ice landslide is recognized as one of the largest in history. The last time this happened in 2002 in the Northern Caucasus Kolka glacier. While scientists can’t explain the reasons behind the gathering is so massive volume of ice.

The collapse occurred July 17, 2016, but Chinese scientists are unable to get to the top of the glacier, to find out the cause of the incident.

Glacier collapsed in Ngari district of the Tibet Autonomous region of China on the square of length 8 and a width of 5 kilometers. The height of the ice avalanche amounted to 20 metres. The volume of snow and ice descended from the mountains amounted to more than 600 million cubic meters. As a result of this landslide, killing 9 people. The avalanche also killed 360 120 sheep and yaks.

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