Natural disaster in 2016 at a cost the world economy at 71 billion U.S. dollars

From earthquakes in Japan to forest fires in Canada in the first half of 2016, natural disasters have cost the global economy 71 billion (62 billion euros). Such data on Thursday, August 18 presented by the international insurance company Swiss Re.

According to experts, the total damage from natural disasters on the planet in the current year was 38 % higher than the same period last year. Only 3 billion dollars were losses related to anthropogenic factors, while the remaining amount fell to natural disasters.

Series of deadly earthquakes that struck the southern Japanese Prefecture of Kumamoto in April, caused the deaths of 64 people and significant damage from the fires and destruction, which reached $ 5.6 billion On the other side of the Pacific in Ecuador is a large – scale earthquake with a magnitude of 7.3 destroyed buildings, bridges and killed 668 people. Although it was one of the deadliest events in the current year, due to the low coverage of insurance, the losses amounted to only $ 400 million.

Devastating storms in the United States and Europe was one of the most costly disasters for insurers from January to July. Three separate weather events in the United States cost $ 7 billion, and one of them occurred in Texas in April, have caused damage to the $ 3.1 billion the Strong storm that swept Europe in late may and early June led to the deaths of 18 people, while the total insured losses amounted to $ 2.8 billion.

Devastating forest fires in the province of Alberta, Canada have forced the evacuation of about 100,000 people and led to insured losses of $ 2.5 billion in Disaster became one of the most expensive in the history of the insurance industry.

With a significant increase in material losses, human casualties in 2016 was much less. In the first six months of catastrophic events claimed the lives of about 6,000 people worldwide, while over the same period in 2015, the dead were about 12,000.

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