New Volcanic Geyser Appears in Campo de Calatrava, Spain

Near the city of Almagro, Spain, a hot geyser formed, shooting water and gas 10-15 meters into the air. Scientists researching the new geyser say it is most likely associated with the volcanic activity of Campo de Calatrava.

But, the new discharge of water is different from previous continuous eruptions.

The first explosion occurred on April 1, around noon. It was followed by another eruption on April 5. The last explosion occurred on April 12th.

Each time, the water rose by about 10-15 meters for several minutes, and then disappeared.

The explosion of water is preceded by a loud gurgling sound.

Measurements of CO2 before the event peak at 18.68% (186.800 ppm), until they reached 22% (220.000 ppm) after the event, are 500 times higher than normal.

This degassing is also accompanied by a rise in temperature from 15.8 ºC at 11:39 in the morning to 21.8 ºC at 12:19 in the evening.

 A geyser formed right in the middle of a field where wheat is grown.

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