New Zealand drought provokes shortage of drinking water

Auckland’s water services have been pumping 15 million liters more per day from the Waikato River since June 16, in response to the worst drought in 25 years.

Watercare, a New Zealand utility company, is working hard to provide additional water resources and encourages citizens to save water. The reservoirs in the region continue to dry out, and without significant rainfall, water scarcity is only a matter of time.

Since November 2019, Auckland received less than half of its normal rainfall, which led to a sharp decrease in the storage levels of water in our reservoirs.

The use of emergency powers in accordance with Section 330 of the Resource Management Act underlines the urgency of the situation that the region faces as a result of drought.

“If we don’t get enough rain in winter and spring, Auckland will face a water crisis this summer, with a dramatic impact on households and industry. I gave the command to look for supplies from every available water source to prevent a potential emergency.” – said the head of Watercare.

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