November 4, the US Department of Defense will launch exercises in the event of a powerful release in the Sun

The US Department of Defense is preparing for a nationwide training to test the readiness of the armed forces to react in the event of a global cut-off of power systems and communication systems due to the ejection of the coronal mass on the Sun.

“These exercises are designed to test the readiness of the army, intelligence agencies and other units in the event of the following events: on the Sun there was a giant ejection of the coronal mass that struck Earth and completely destroyed the national energy system, as well as all types of traditional communications, including fixed telephones, mobile phones, satellite communications and Internet connection, “- stated in the description of the goals implemented in the exercise.

It is interesting that the beginning of the “very bad day” exercises is scheduled for November 4, the same day on which the so-called anti-fascist groups promised to launch large-scale street protests demanding the resignation of President Donald Trump.

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