Nuclear power plants in the UK threatens tsunami

Scientists from Durham University found that the British Isles has in the past been subjected to a greater number of devastating tsunami, and geologists have appealed to the government with a call – to take seriously information about the possible repetition of a catastrophic tsunami in the impact zone which is, get a nuclear power plant.

The threat exists for ports, oil terminals, the entire coastal infrastructure, but more importantly for nuclear power plants. Cause of devastating tsunami waves, according to geologists, can be submarine landslides, or shifts in the seabed.


Yellow numbers: the height of the tsunami 8,200 years ago

Scientists say that the landslide occurred 8200 years ago raised the tsunami wave height which reached 20 meters. As a result of the tsunami, was completely destroyed the isthmus that connected Britain to the mainland. The reason for this natural disaster was the collapse of a stretch of seafloor the size of Scotland, which occurred off the coast of Norway.

Peter TALLING, Professor of marine Geology at the University of Durham, said that such disasters happen regularly. In this regard, it recommended that the government add the tsunami in the national risk register and emergency situations.

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