Off the coast of Chile was marked by mass deaths of whales

In the Pacific ocean in Northern Chile, on the shore started diving whales. Scientists are concerned and believe the reason for this behavior of whales, the global climate change on the planet.

Early whales were thrown on the southern coast of Chile, where according to scientists due to the activation of the climatic phenomenon El Nino occurred the explosive multiplication of unicellular brown algae that poisoned the water of their toxic secretions. The absence of oxygen and saturated with toxins water, are the reason that the whales are thrown ashore.

Scientists say that in the South of the country, there has been not only a massive loss of tabernacles, but the death of millions of individuals of trout and other game fish. Such anomalies are recorded over the past two years, and each year hundreds of whales beaching but for the first time observed the same behavior and in the North, and this means that the problem began to expand due to changes of ecosystems in the Central Pacific ocean.

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