On Earth, there will soon be climatic chaos

A scientific study in which it says that the climatic collapse is already inevitable and it is already necessary to take measures to prepare the life of the population in the new climatic conditions, was recently rejected by the editors of a very well-known academic journal. Now this report was issued directly by the professor who wrote it, to facilitate discussion of the necessary deep adaptation of society to climate chaos.

“I immediately publish this article because I can not wait any longer, people need to find out what is waiting for them not in the remote, but in the very near future, this is already going on and will soon lead to the collapse of the entire social world order,” explained the author of the research professor Bendell.

The professor says that his research was not published in a scientific publication and the editorial offices of newspapers refused to publish articles on this topic. As reasons for refusal, he was informed that this study could have “negative emotional impact” on the readers.

“We do not want to be responsible for the social consequences of publishing the presented scenario of the future as an inevitable reality, as well as the responsibility for research in connection with climate change scenarios and adaptation strategies. The conclusions outlined in the study are menacing and inevitable, which will lead readers to a feeling of helplessness and hopelessness, “the refusal to publish was explained to the professor in this way.

Professor Bendell says that their response reflects the “arrogant hierarchical attitude to society that many academics are used to demonstrating when they refuse to publish research results simply because it can cause” negative attitudes among all sections of the population. ”

The professor is sure that the time has come for the truth long ago and the people of the Earth already now have to start preparing for a new reality – the climate chaos. People must adapt to the new conditions of life and this adaptation must first of all be moral. People must realize the fact that the world has changed and will never be the same as before.

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