On Earth will soon begin a new ice age

According to experts, today the sun’s activity has decreased to a level not seen since the mini ice age that occurred between 1645 and 1715 — sometimes referred to as the Murderously low, when, as you know, froze the Thames.

New scientific model allowed the scientists more than ever before, accurately predict solar activity, and this suggests that the magnetic activity falls by 60 percent in the period from 2030 to 2040.

They modeled the “11-year-old heartbeat of the Sun”- the period of oscillation of its magnetic activity. This cyclicity was first seen 173 years ago.

But today mathematicians have managed to create a more accurate model that can predict how will look like the solar cycles in the future on the basis of the Dynamo effect in two layers of depths of the star.

According to geophysical theory, Dynamo effect determines how moving in a magnetic field, the molten metals of the outer core of the Earth generate electricity — this also affects the current of liquids and gases beneath the surface of the planet, creating two magnetic fields along the axis of rotation.

Researcher Valentina Zharkova University of Northumbria have applied this theory to the Sun and were able to predict the effect of solar cycles with an accuracy of 97 percent.

She said at a conference of the Royal astronomical society: “We found two magnetic waves, which arise a pair and are available in two different layers of the solar interior”.

“They both have a frequency of about 11 years, although their frequencies differ slightly and are offset in time.”

“By combining both waves and comparing them with real data of the current solar cycle, we found that our predictions had an accuracy of 97 percent.”

Zharkova says that the peak of the next cycle will be in 2022, and the subsequent cycle, known as the 26th cycle, will be the harbinger of a new ice age.

She continues: “In the 26th cycle, the two waves are exact mirror images of each other — peak is achieved at the same time but in opposite hemispheres of the Sun.”

“Their interaction will be destructive when they will compensate each other. According to our forecasts, this will lead to Murderously low”.

During the Murderously low atmospheric temperature worldwide fell by 1.3 degrees Celsius.

Although this change seems negligible, but it has led to a reduction and, ultimately, food shortages.

The Maunder minimum — the period that began around 1645 and lasted until about 1715, also known as the “prolonged period of minimal sunspot activity”.

During this 70-year period of sunspots appear very rarely.

This phenomenon has been studied only in 1976 by John Eddie published about their research paper.

Astronomers have appropriated this name in honor of the couple of scientists — Annie and Walter Moderow who studied how sunspots has changed over time.

Climate models indicate that the low solar activity inhibits the formation of jet streams of air flow in the atmosphere and warm currents in the ocean, which maintains the temperature of the air in Britain above the level that would have been otherwise.

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