On Philippines the typhoon “Lavin” has claimed the lives of 15 people

The number of the victims of the supertyphoon “Lavin” which has crossed a northern part of Philippines last Thursday (on the international classification — Haim) has increased to 15, the executive director of National council on management in emergency situations (NDRRMC) Ricardo Jalad has declared.

Earlier it was reported that NDRRMC checks the reports on eight dead which have arrived from places.

“The number of the victims can increase still as the governor of the province Kagayan Manuel Mamba has said in an interview to dzBB radio station that during typhoon passing (there) have died four (more) the person” — reports the news GMA News Internet portal.

According to the last report of NDRRMC, during the movement of “Avalanches” through Philippines, in “the country of seven thousand islands” nearly 230 thousand people from whom nearly 160 thousand can’t still come back home have been temporarily evacuated. Natural disaster has destroyed more than 2 thousand houses and has partially damaged nearly 12 thousand. It has violated the road message and power supply in many areas in the north of the country, including without electricity there was left all province Kagayan.

For morning of Sunday the movement is still not restored on 43 sections of roads.

Every year during a rainy season from June to December about 20 storms and typhoons fall upon Philippines, however the supertyphoon “Yolanda” which has passed in November, 2013 through her central part (on the international classification ─ “Haiyan”) which has brought with itself(himself) winds the speed of 315 kilometers per hour with rushes to 380 became the most pernicious for all history of the country. The number of Filipinos, dead or missing persons as a result of violence of elements, has exceeded 8 thousand, the supertyphoon has completely destroyed or has partially damaged 1,1 million houses, having deprived of housing 4 million people.

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