On the Japanese island of Kyushu torrents brought down more than a meter of precipitation

Heavy rain continues on the Japanese island of Kyushu. Since last Friday, the amount of precipitation in parts of Kagoshima Prefecture, as well as the neighboring Miyazaki Prefecture, has reached 1000 millimeters. This is more than double the multi-year average for the whole of July.

Japan’s Meteorological Office explains that the seasonal atmospheric front causes an influx of warm, humid air masses, which leads to the formation of rain clouds over Kagoshima Prefecture, as well as in some areas of the central and eastern parts of the country. Several landslides occurred in Kagoshima Prefecture. While it is known about 2 dead and 5 wounded. According to the information on the morning of July 4, in the Kyushu region, almost 900 thousand people received evacuation orders.

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