On the Taimyr Peninsula discovered the Chinese version of the hepatitis b virus

In the far North of Siberia, Taimyr and Chukotka – unusual for this area of variant of the hepatitis b virus, the pathogen threat of the same disease. This was announced by the Deputy Director of the Institute of molecular medicine Victor Manuilov at the international working meeting on molecular medicine, held in First MSMU n. a. I. M. Sechenov.

“The hepatitis b virus is very variable (not as much as the flu virus or HIV, but the virus mutates rapidly), so within a single this kind of virus there are many subspecies or types, which differ in the clinical picture of the disease caused and spread in different parts of the world. For example, in all regions of Russia, mostly found in the so-called genotype D and in Western Europe – genotype A. We are in cooperation with different Russian and foreign institutions hold long-term study of occurrence of different types of virus in Siberia, – he commented. – Monitoring the situation in order to find potentially dangerous mutants. The result found that on the Taimyr Peninsula circulating in addition to the “normal” genotype D, and the genotype, which is most often found in much more southern and Eastern countries – China, Vietnam, Japan, etc.”.

According to the scientist, there is a possibility that he got in the North very long ago, together with the migrations of the indigenous population – this indirectly says the detection of the same genotype our co-sponsors in Chukotka. “The genotype of the virus is slightly more aggressive than genotype D. It causes more acute illness and often leads to cirrhosis and even liver cancer, especially in Mongoloids, which include many small nationalities of Siberia. Therefore, the fact of its presence in the population of Northern Siberia it is necessary to consider local doctors specializing in infectious diseases”, – said Viktor Manuilov.

Press service of the First MSMU n. a. I. M. Sechenov

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