On the Ufa for two hours, a two-month rainfall resulted, Russia

The torrential rain in the capital of Bashkiria drowned on Monday the railway tracks at the station “Ufa”, water seeped into shopping centers, and in the streets streams knocked people off their feet and carried away the flow of baby carriages. The downpour lasted almost two hours, followed by a hailstorm the size of peas, in connection with which the city formed ten-point traffic jams.

MOE on the eve of forecasting deterioration of weather conditions in Ufa, warning of rain and thunderstorms. However, the capital of Bashkiria was unable to cope with the disaster, mainly because of the lack of storm sewage by 90% of the road network, as previously stated in the mayoralty of the republican capital. This situation is not the first time in the city. During the last heavy rainfall, on June 28, trees fell in Ufa, and traffic on roads was hampered.

However, on Monday the consequences were more serious than traffic jams, which, according to the Yandex.Probki service, reach ten points.

“At the railway station” Ufa “Kuibyshev Railways Railways partially closed branches of the railway tracks, due to overflow through the railway car, a 15-kilometer long section. There are no delays in passenger trains, “the Bashkortostan Emergency Management Department said. The department adds that “as a result of passing a heavy rain, the carriageways flooded the streets of Gubaidullin, Mendeleev, Akhmetov, Salavat Yulaev Avenue, October Avenue, partially flooded basement floors of the three buildings” in the central streets.

At the same time the rain did not affect the work of the international airport of Ufa, the press service of the transport hub specified.

Streams of water knocked down In social networks posted a video on which it is recorded how a stream of water on a street in Ufa blows a stroller with a child. One of the drivers blocks the flow of the grader, and the second comes out of the foreign car and rushes to the aid of the mother.

The problems were also experienced by public transport passengers. Some residents of the city at bus stops reached the bus without shoes and in tucked pants.

In addition to the roads in Ufa, several shopping centers and underground passages were drowned, as reported in the emergency services. Some townspeople in social networks reported on interruptions with electricity, complaints were received about idle traffic lights.

The element reached administrative buildings – floods flooded the building of Rosreestra. Social networks got a video, which shows how employees are trying to save important documents, equipment and furniture from death.

The intensified mode of work The press service of the mayor’s office of Ufa called the shower “anomalous.” “Urban services with deteriorating weather conditions have moved to a strengthened mode of operation. As water carries with it debris that is capable of hitting the rainwater gates, the brigades, following the scheme of the storm water disposal, clear the grates and storm collectors. Particular attention is paid to sites in the lowlands, which may accumulate water, “the report said.

All emergency dispatch services of the city were transferred to the round-the-clock mode of operation, they added to the administration.

According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, only 145 people were involved in the elimination of the consequences of bad weather, 51 units of equipment are at their disposal.

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