Orangutan tried to stop the bulldozer destroying his forest

Orangutan against the bulldozer … This makes the video uncomfortable. People destroy nature and do not pay attention to those for whom these forests are their home. Who are they to us – just animals? This little orangutan rushes alone against a steel car in an attempt to stop it.

This video was published by the animal welfare organization. It was filmed in the Indonesian province of West Kalimantan in Borneo. Orang-utan trying to protect their forest rushes on a bulldozer of loggers carrying out deforestation of the rain forest.

The bulldozer has already destroyed everything around and that for him a small orangutan who ran across a fallen tree tried to resist a steel car, but fell from a tree and failed to counter something to the destructive technologies of man.

Zooprotectants reported that they had rescued the wounded orangutan and transported them to a safe place. Man is the crown of the universe. The king of nature. Reasonable creature? In my opinion, this orang-utan is more reasonable than people who destroy the planet on which they live …

Now there are about one hundred thousand orangutans left in Borneo, and in 1973 there were 300,000 of them. According to scientists’ forecasts, by the year 2025 there will be only 45,000 of them, and in 50 years they will disappear altogether …

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