Over the past 7 days, more than 10000 earthquakes have occurred in California and Nevada

Earthquakes in southern California are not ceasing, and this worries locals who are confident that another big earthquake could occur.

Over the past 7 days, 10,953 earthquakes were recorded in California and Nevada. Southern California is shaken by another new earthquake every few minutes.

Most earthquakes occur in the Rijkrest region, where a magnitude 6.4 earthquake occurred on July 4 and a magnitude 7.1 earthquake occurred on July 5.

Now the off-scale seismic activity is recorded along the San Andreas Fault. Scientists warn of the likelihood of new powerful earthquakes, as well as the fact that in California there are 8 volcanoes, which in the event of adverse conditions can start an eruption.

And there is another threat. It is what will happen to nuclear reactors in California if a powerful earthquake suddenly hits the San Andreas fault.

Currently, there are five nuclear reactors located right along the San Andreas Fault and another one located off the coast, which made it extremely vulnerable to tsunamis.

Who ever decided to build these reactors near the San Andreas Fault? – Americans are wondering. The authorities are still calm, they say this aftershocks, nothing terrible will happen.

Only now the population, shaken by earthquakes every minute, does not really believe in these assurances.

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